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Sunday, March 11, 2007

check out my porfolio of logos

Click here and check out one of pages of artwork for business clients

Artwork I have inked

Comic book artwork i had been assigned to inked.
Click here to check out my website for more

some recent character development sketches

check out my flash website work

Some front pages of a website I design
for a cleaning service.

To see this web page functioning click here

Besure to run you cursor over the titles
to see what happens

Don't forget to check out my
website for my
resume and portfolio
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check out my photo fx work

Check out my photographic enhancement work
click here!!

check out my logo art

don't forget to check out my resume at my website
my old company which i founded in 1995

T-shirt i designed to support exploration of mars

i can make you look great no matter what


I can work my magic on any photo and make you look like you want. I could have made a lot of money in the high school yearbook with this.

movie for nicktoons film festival

this is a production image from a recent movie short i did for consideration into the nicktoons film festival. this movie short is still in production but you can see what i have here.
click here!

self portrait

recent painting i did of myself. reflecting my frustration of a recent family problem. i guess art is a way to express myself.

hey there

starting this blog i hope to regularly update my portfolio with my artwork and movie clips so that i may receive feedback and discuss graphic design and animation design career opportunities.